House of Leaves

House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski I can't disagree with Mr MJ Nicholls that 'House of Leaves' is nothing more than a glorified ghost story - ah, but what a ghost story... The playing around with page layout and fonts, the metafictions and footnotes, all make for good clean fun, adding to the enjoyment of the reading experience. And though ultimately it might have nothing much to tell us about society or the human condition, like The Babadook, it's strength lies in its story and style.

It's been reviewed nearly 9000 times already, so I'll waste no more words (there are enough of them surely in Danielewski's monster of a book). Instead, here's a door in my house which bears a spooky resemblance to something... Fortunately, it doesn't lead to the cellar as I don't possess one.