Six Problems for Don Isidro Parodi

Six Problems for Don Isidro Parodi - Norman Thomas di Giovanni, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Jorge Luis Borges In which the genius of innovative fiction and his great friend amuse themselves through the medium of surreal detective fiction... It wouldn't be everyone's idea of a good read, but then, it's not the sort of book you'd pick up by chance. More than anything, the exercise puts me in mind of the Mortmere stories devised some years before by Christopher Isherwood and his long-term friend Edward Upward. In both cases, you can see the friends sniggering up their sleeves as they create their larger-than-life characters and farcical scenarios, relishing the opportunity to relax away from weightier projects. It's not 'Ficciones' but it's genuinely funny and engaging, saving the best of its problems for the final story.